Custom and Replacement Truck Seats

You love your old truck, however, that seat needs to be replaced.

Or, better yet — refurbished.

At Union County Seating we specialize in the customization and remanufacturing of truck seats for:

  • Mack
  • Freightliner
  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • Mitsubishi
  • Isuzu
  • And more!

Most of these truck seats are made by one of three leading seating manufacturers.

Bostrom seatsBostrom Trucking Seat - Union County Seating - truck seats

These truck seats are ergonomically engineered for tough working environments, to provide you with the comfort and control you need to safely operate your vehicle.

Bostrom seating systems are designed to reduce the vibration that is transferred from your truck to your hands and body.

Union County Seating can add and/or enhance the manual seating and power feature options that are available such as backrest lumbar supports, ergonomic seat cushions, truck back bolsters, and leg/thigh supports to tailor your truck seat to fit your needs, ensuring comfort over the long haul.

National Seating

Considered by many as the premier truck seating solution for North National Fleet Seating for saleAmerican truck applications.

National Seating products are known for their long-lasting comfort, rugged durability, advanced seating safety features, and unique design and style.

Today, Union county Seating has developed innovative and driver-focused seating solutions which improve upon the greatness National Seat delivers.

The National Seating BackCycler® system cyclically inflates and deflates an air bladder in the lumbar area of the seat. This slow and slight movement in and out, as the bladder fills and deflates causes your lower back to slightly adjust on a continuous, cyclic basis. This helps keep blood flowing and keeps muscles and ligaments from stiffening.

Discover how we deliver real results and value-added seating for your truck.

Sears Seatingl93468

The truck seats manufactured by Sears Seating clearly have the customer in mind.

At Union County Seating we extended that focus by redesigning the foam contours, enhanced the seat cushion  to fit longer and wider.

We also improve the bolster area in the back foam to provide extra support for the truck driver.

You will love the add-on seat suspensions which are built to withstand the rigorous demands of a variety of road conditions.

Listen to your heart and relieve your back pain.

Upon request, we can even customize various adjustments to provide your truck seating with optimal positioning to meet your special requirements. With features available such as air/mechanical lumbar support and seat heaters/coolers, our seats are customized to fit the individual.

Contact Union County Seating for your custom replacement seat, or get a quote for a remanufactured seat instead.

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