Custom and Replacement Rail Seats

Graffiti and Vandalism

Train Replacement SeatsLast year rail systems across the US changed more than 55,000 passenger seat inserts

Union County Seating helped save money and time by supplying some of them re manufactured exchange seat inserts.

We also carry rail operator seats.

Rail Operator Seating Options

The USSC Group’s Q90


  • Removable Shoulder Belt: The operator can choose to use the seat as either a 2pt (lap) or 3 pt (lap and shoulder) belt.
  • Height Adjustable D Loop
  • Front Adjustable, Flip Up Armrests
  • Docket 90A Compliant Materials
  • Silicone Bottom Cushion
  • Recline Limit Stops: The backrest recline can be limited to prevent the seat back from hitting any vehicle components, which may result in damage to the seat back or vehicle.
  • Choice of Upholstery Materials
  • QLP: Quick removable low profile cushion

USCC - Unioin County Seating Q Series - Model Q90 Seats

Standard Features:

  • Complies with International ISO and ANSI Vibration Standards.
  • Integrated Seat Belts: Both 2 and 3 pt seat belts are mounted directly to the seat frame and move with the seat, providing a completely integrated restraint system.
  • Slides Below Suspension: The operator’s weight remains centered over the center of the scissors system at all adjustment locations–reducing suspension torque, minimizing maintenance, and increasing suspension life.
  • Pendulum Scissors System: this transit and off-road proven, robust system provides durability for extreme-use, multiple driver environments.
  • Dual Shock Suspension Damping
  • Secondary Bumpers: Prevent Spinal compression associated with scissors slap.
  • Bilateral Adjustments: All adjustment mechanism engage on both sides of the seat–distributing all loads equally between both sides of the suspension preventing lateral torque, minimizing maintenance and increasing seat life.
  • Three Suspension Options: Q91 Air Suspension – full stroke, Q92 Mechanical Suspension – full stroke, Q94 Mechanical Soft Static – stepless height adjustment with a limited 1/2″ suspension stroke
  • Infinite Height Adjustment
  • Infinitely Adjustable Seat Pan Rake
  • Infinitely Adjustable Back Recline
  • Wide Back
  • Multiple Chamber Air Lumbar
  • Solid Pan Backrest
  • Protective Backshell
  • Fore/Aft Adjustment: Three Options: 6.25″, 9.45″, 11.80″
  • Quick CHange Ergonomically Desgined Seat Cushions.
  • 500 lb Dead Lift Capacity – 650 Lb seat Rating
  • 4-way Adjustable Headrest

USCC - Unioin County Seating Q Series - Model Q90 Seats


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