Back Pain?

If you spend a considerable amount of time driving, odds are your back is in some pain. After all that worn out seat can only take so much. At Union County Seating we specialize in remanufactured and new seating for transit and transportation drivers. From truck bus and rail seats to seats for vans and pickup trucks at a savings of up to 50 %. Discover a new level of comfort today! You deserve it and your back needs it.

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Some of Our Awesome Features


Great Value

At Union County Seating you always get the best products at great prices.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves in giving customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Fast shipping

Every seat, or seat part order is handled quickly and accurately every time.


Winning Ideas

In addition to remanufacturing seats, Union County Seating also customizes winners.

Seat Repair

We can fix your old seat, or customize a special one.

Full Customization

Have a unique seat design in mind, or need a special ergonomic feature? We do that too!

Meet The Brands

At Union County Seating we bring you the best in quality, durability, and comfort.

In addition to custom built and designed seats, we also offer the sale and remanufacturing of some of the most elite names in the seating industry.

National Seating

Fleet Seating Experts

National draws on global seating experience and operations to determine where common needs, products, and lessons can help them deliver better products.


Global Commercial Seating Expert

ISRINGHAUSEN is the global market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative seating systems for commercial vehicles as well as technical springs. Our products are used in trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

USSC Group

World-Class seat Designers

USSC designs and engineers world-class seating for many types of vehicles. As a leader in our industry, we continue to develop the most durable and ergonomically designed seats to reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress.

Sears Seating

Agricultural Seating Specialist

Sears Seating is a leader in the design and manufacture of suspension and non-suspension seating systems for the agricultural, construction, and material handling equipment, and over the road truck markets.


Truck Seating Specialist

With roots that date back to 1935, Bostrom is an American truck icon supporting the North American truck industry. Bostrom’s industry leading R&D facilities and in-house testing provide the continuous technical feedback needed to ensure products are built better tomorrow than they are today in terms of value to you.


Child Safety Seat Experts

RECARO Automotive Seating has been setting standards in automotive seating for decades. RECARO produced the first retrofit sports seat for automobiles, the world’s lightest car seat and the most innovative commercial vehicle seat in addition to new sport seats in a modern composite design.

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